Lesson Sheet: Writing an article for students, how can teachers help students with this subject?

When a journalist has created a news item, he checks to see if the report reflects all the information needed to inform the reader. A journalist always tries to tell as complete a story as possible.
Journalists use a mnemonic to do this: the 5W1H method. The journalist always answers the questions ‘who, what, where,when, why and how?”.

1 Instruct the students that they must summarize an article that appeared in the news

Make sure that the same article is used several times so that you can check afterwards whether everyone has summarized the story in the same way.

2. Some students read their summary to the class.

Are there any differences in the students’ summaries? What things were left out? Which things have been added? How did the students proceed? What questions did they try to find answers to? Inform students that when creating news stories, journalists news stories seek answers to six questions from the 5W1H method.

3. Divide the class into groups.

Each group dissects a newspaper article using of the six questions. They do this by rolling a die. The numbers on the die correspond to certain questions. You can link several questions or
even a statement to a number. In this way the students can choose to which question they answer and can roll the same number multiple times.


Also, put articles side by side that are on the same topic, but in different
news media. Do the same answers come out of these? Are the answers similar?

4. Afterwards, discuss their findings in class.

What did the students experience when they read the news? Did all the groups find the same thing? Do messages
do they report in the same way? What questions should you always ask yourself when you are consuming news
consume news?

5. What if the students are journalists themselves for one day?

Let them have to make their own article. make. This could be about something that happened at school or in the youth movement or home, as long as the 5 W questions and the H question are answered in the article.

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