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  • The Benefits of Using a Professional Translation Agency

    While not every organization or business will make plans to reach new audiences that communicate in a different language or require their medical documents translated, a good bunch will and you might be one of them. If you run a company that needs some things translated from one language to another, you’ll certainly want to invest in a professional translator. But why so? What do professional translation services have to offer? Well, as it turns out, numerous. In this read, Espresso Translations Translation Agency is going to look at the many benefits you get to enjoy by using a professional translation agency.


    More often than not, the language that needs to be converted into another one needs to be done in a particular time. When you work with a professional translation agency, you will have peace of mind knowing that everything will be done in an efficient way. When you leave the job to experienced people, you won’t have to fret about translated documents being delivered late. Create a time frame with professionals and you’ll be guaranteed to have your projects done by the deadline.


    Similar to how you would use a professional construction company for major repairs in commercial property as they have the right equipment and resources, the same applies to hiring translation agencies. When you avail of the services of professionals, you’ll be in a position to access a wide pool of experienced and competent linguists. Also, the best translation companies have expert translators that specialize in certain domains like website content, legal, marketing, medical translations, etc. They have extensive knowledge and the expertise in your market to write in the language you want to translate your content into.

    Extensive comprehension of the Language

    Way too many organizations and businesses make the mistake of relying on machines and amateur bilinguals to handle their translation work. However, this does not have and should not be the case. More often than not, using a machine won’t translate the language properly, and depending on amateurs increases the risk of ending up with a poorly done job. This will make it almost impossible to target your intended audience. With a professional translation agency, however, you avoid this costly mistake, and confidently know that your content will be translated properly.


    This point is somewhat related to the one mentioned above, but it deserves its own section. Accuracy is something you cannot compromise when it comes to translating legal documents, medical text, marketing content, etc. Unless you hire a professional translator, you’ll only be compromising on accuracy. Professional translating agencies do not just translate the language, they ensure the text is written properly in regards to spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

    Save Time

    No organization or company has the energy or time to fully commit to translating text. That is why hiring a professional is really beneficial. You can stick to doing what you do best and focus your time and energy on more important tasks while relying on translators to meet your translation needs. This way, you will not have to spend precious time and resources worrying about how you’ll have your text translated or who will do it. Once you find a reputable translation agency, you can rest assured of accurate and flawless translation services.

    Save Money

    Contrary to what most people think, availing of professional translation services does not have to cost you a fortune. Many see it as an unnecessary cost and end up using machines or the cheapest services they can find. However, this only increases the chances of ending up with a poorly done project which will result in additional expenses to have the work fixed. It is always advisable to stick to a reasonably priced agency to get the work done correctly in the first attempt. In fact, if your content gets translated appropriately, you may end up making more money by reaching your target audience that communicates in a different language.

    Cultural Understanding

    The best translators are not just linguists or bilingual. They have all the necessary skills and traits needed to do the proper translation in addition to a proper understanding of cultural differences. Usually, these translators are native speakers of the language and so, they have a comprehensive understanding of cultural differences, which they will bear in mind when working on your project.

    As you can see, there are numerous benefits to hiring professional translation agencies.

  • And that is worrying, because the impact on the development of a child is great. It is therefore important that children regularly go outside during school hours. But how do you do that if you do not have a forest or other nature near your school? Or if there is no budget for an excursion? We found out for you what possibilities there are to let your students enjoy nature in an educational way.

    Fear, less time and less green

    It’s not just gameboys and game consoles that cause children to play too little outside. Research by The Wild Network shows that there are other important causes. For example, parents are afraid of what can happen to their children outside. There is less and less time to take the children to the woods or a park. And the green areas around us are becoming built up with homes and businesses.

    What can you do as a teacher to involve your students more with nature if there is no forest next to your school or if there is no budget for an excursion to a park or outdoor playground? We list the possibilities for you:

    Playing outside is healthy

    Yet it is of great importance that children play as much as possible outdoors and in nature, such as a forest, a natural playground or a grass field. The Trend Report Youth, Nature and Health by Nature Education shows that playing outside in nature has a positive effect on health, development of the senses, motor skills, social skills, self-esteem and creativity.

    Forest schools and tiny forests

    Many initiatives have been launched to promote outdoor play. For example, in the Netherlands there are more and more “forest schools”, a concept originating from Denmark. In a forest school children get regular outdoor education. They discover for themselves the play and learning opportunities in nature. Many practical lessons are taught, such as making your own fire, building a hide or recognizing plants, insects and other animals.

  • Do you notice in your class that many children have no desire to read at all? Do you have the feeling that you have tried everything to make them enthusiastic, but that nothing helps? Then try to get your class to write creatively. You can read more about that in this article.

    As a teacher, you obviously know that reading is very important to stimulate children’s language development. However, what many teachers face is that children never feel like reading. One way to make it more fun for the children is to let them write a story in which they are allowed to use their imagination.

    Spelling and grammar in learning to improve

    The idea then is that, as a teacher, you don’t pay attention to spelling and grammar for a while. Make it clear to the children that they cannot get it wrong and that they can write down anything they want. The effects of creative writing on reading behavior have been demonstrated in multiple studies. Once the writing engine is running, reading will follow naturally.

    Practical tips to help children perform better with creative writing

    To give children a hand with creative writing you can give them an assignment to get used to it. A fun assignment is for children to draw a picture of their own face, surrounded by words that describe themselves, such as: hobbies, sports, age, and so on. Then you show each drawing to the class and then the children get to guess who is who.

    Another assignment could be that you give the beginning of a story and then the children can finish it. If you don’t have much inspiration yourself, then show them this video in which children’s book author  gives a nice start of a story. Tip: Perhaps you have some of her books at school. Show them to your class after the film, which will give an extra reading impulse.

    How can you teach children to write well?

    Another assignment is to have the children write a diary from the future. This is especially suitable for the slightly older children, because they have to write something that happens in the future, but where they have to use the past tense. If they find this very difficult, you can give them partial assignments (describe your pet, job, family) but be careful not to direct them too much. The idea is to make them feel like they came up with it themselves: that makes them proud of their own work and encourages them to do it more often.

  • When a journalist has created a news item, he checks to see if the report reflects all the information needed to inform the reader. A journalist always tries to tell as complete a story as possible.
    Journalists use a mnemonic to do this: the 5W1H method. The journalist always answers the questions ‘who, what, where,when, why and how?”.

    1 Instruct the students that they must summarize an article that appeared in the news

    Make sure that the same article is used several times so that you can check afterwards whether everyone has summarized the story in the same way.

    2. Some students read their summary to the class.

    Are there any differences in the students’ summaries? What things were left out? Which things have been added? How did the students proceed? What questions did they try to find answers to? Inform students that when creating news stories, journalists news stories seek answers to six questions from the 5W1H method.

    3. Divide the class into groups.

    Each group dissects a newspaper article using of the six questions. They do this by rolling a die. The numbers on the die correspond to certain questions. You can link several questions or
    even a statement to a number. In this way the students can choose to which question they answer and can roll the same number multiple times.


    Also, put articles side by side that are on the same topic, but in different
    news media. Do the same answers come out of these? Are the answers similar?

    4. Afterwards, discuss their findings in class.

    What did the students experience when they read the news? Did all the groups find the same thing? Do messages
    do they report in the same way? What questions should you always ask yourself when you are consuming news
    consume news?

    5. What if the students are journalists themselves for one day?

    Let them have to make their own article. make. This could be about something that happened at school or in the youth movement or home, as long as the 5 W questions and the H question are answered in the article.

  • While these 23 million people speak to the very center of an arising society that is more disposed to considering and learning, the leftover people are rejected from these learning encounters because of reasons of time, cost, or even private matters.

    Throughout the most recent couple of years, the quantity of grown-ups who are proceeding with their schooling has expanded colossally. This term “proceeding with training” depicts the chance and cycle of learning new abilities and gaining information that is far better than what we are instructed during our proper tutoring years.

    The vast majority select proceeded with schooling to additional their insight base and even their employability.

    Proceeding with Education versus Conventional

    Typically, what we realize in all of those long, laborious long stretches of our conventional tutoring are simply fundamental abilities that are sufficient to help us begin working, yet insufficient to take us further in our vocations, particularly with the fast changes and progressions in innovation that requests for a more modern and instructed labor force.

    Understudies who partake in proceeding with their schooling are by and large working experts who look to additional progress and advance their scholarly capacities while as yet working. Since their time is split among studies and everyday employment, they must be incredibly roused to succeed. Perhaps the greatest trademark that recognize understudies who are taking an interest in proceeding with instruction is their inclination to relate the exercises that they learn in class to their work insight.

    Teachers should have the correct and proper viable experience and information to address the issues and worries of these unique understudies. Understudies engaged with proceeding with instruction can be exceptionally specific with regards to picking their courses. The courses that they pick must be somehow or another applicable to their work and should have the option to profit them. In the event that the correct course is picked, it can profit you an extraordinary arrangement both instructively and expertly.

    An ever increasing number of grown-ups are presently occupied with proceeding with schooling that prompts formal capabilities that furnish them with the satisfactory information relating to a specific region of study. Moreover, proceeding with schooling additionally furnishes us with a specific pride of achievement as we take our courses.

    Offering a reasonable, quicker, and unquestionably more engaged methods for getting vocation or individual targets, proceeding with schooling accreditations can be put on resumes and introduced anyplace as proof of the person’s expert investigations.

    The Importance of ‘Proceeding with Education’ in the Workplace

    A gifted labor force will consistently bring about expanded financial efficiency. Here is the means by which proceeding with schooling benefits the working power:

    o A more talented labor force is in every case more beneficial – These days, aptitudes and instruction are viewed as the main components of the employability and pay capability of an up-and-comer. Since the economy has moved to one that qualities an informed labor force in excess of a uninformed labor force, managers are presently looking for both instructed and gifted specialists. The interest for proceeding with instruction has in this manner expanded twofold.

    o Continuing instruction assists businesses with holding better workers while staying as serious as could be expected – A more taught representative will consistently be more beneficial, so organizations have now begun recruiting workers who are proceeding with their schooling. Proceeding with training can be viewed as an approach to hold the better, more instructed workers.

    With the fast headway of the data innovation area, proceeding with instruction won’t be kept to just actual space. Distance learning through intelligent media will shape a significant piece of proceeding with schooling. The web will likewise assume an enormous part in conveying the course materials to the understudies.

    A virtual course that is pointed toward broadening a person’s information past those conventional long periods of instruction has now become reality. Concerning the entirety of this improvement in the field of proceeding with schooling, we have just one inquiry to pose: how much further can proceeding with instruction go?

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